A collection of books to read and share.

**Growing up in a tier 2 city in India is definitely fun but when you look backwards and try to find reasons to why you like something and what your hobbies are, the city you grew up in, will surely be in your top 3 answers. Cities play an important part of who we are, apart from our friends, family, schools, neighborhood etc. Personally, the ecosystem I was a part of offered me a lot of casual physical activity aka sports, and it was always a big part of me, my conversations, interests, and gave me something to look forward to. Somehow the same ecosystem did not inculcate this feeling of love towards books. Well if you're thinking, yeah, I went to a school, but to love something can never be a forced affair.

Things started to change when I moved out of the city in the mid of 2013 to play my part in running this world. The cities I was in, offered me an opportunity to choose my communities and follow new interests, and this time, books were a big part and ever since my love for reading is showing an increasing trend.

Though, if possible, I would surely like to spend my time and energy to set up such places of discourse especially where I hail from, so that it's just not always the the lucky and privileged ones who get an opportunity to love and choose their interests. But for now, creating this place on the network is an attempt to share knowledge through books, make new friends and try a better way to read and exchange books than through the recommendations on Amazon.

I will keep on updating this catalog of the few books I tend to have, if somehow you've managed to reach here and would like to read something from this list, just drop me an e-mail and I'll be immensely happy to share this resource with you. Nothing in return, but if you want to share a piece from your bookshelf, well, that'll make my day.

Let us see, how this experiment goes and let us hope this place on the internet soon transforms into a library, a place to have discourse, a place to learn, live, laugh and share our journeys.

Enough talk for the day, let's visit the library!! Click here


🚨 Recommendation Alert : You can surely spend 30 minutes of your life, just admiring a few libraries shown in the video. Kudos to Max Joseph for an amazing upload!! 🎉



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